Company Profile

Fromewill Ltd is a well-established British company. Established on 2nd of March 1984 (Registration no. 1796766, DUNS no. 293215299, NCAGE no. U0J96) having its headquarter in London/UK with offices in Baghdad/Iraq and supporting office in Amman/Jordan.

Fromewill Ltd is fully registered with the Iraqi government authorities to conduct construction work in Iraq as per the attached document.

Fromewill Ltd has a wholly owned and fully registered US subsidiary - Fromewill LLC as per attached document.

Since 2003 Fromewill Ltd has provided Project Management to 50 projects in Iraq as per the attached list.

The Fromewill Ltd management team’s very unique experience and good reputation in providing Project Management services in Iraq since 2003, has placed it in a very strong and positive position which will ensure the successful completion of any new projects.

Fromewill Ltd is headed by Owner and Managing Director Eng. Hider Al-Touqmatchi who holds an degree in Mechanical Engineering from London University since 1982 and has been living in Iraq since 2003.

Fromewill Ltd turnover in Iraq since 2003 is several million US Dollars


Fromewill Ltd employs approx. 50 personnel in Iraq on a full time basis, of diverse backgrounds such as Architects, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers ,I.T technicians, site technicians & supervisors, QC and H&S officers, administration, accountants, skilled and unskilled laborers.

Fromewill Ltd is a self-contained engineering organization. Its project management and construction capabilities as well as its in-house design ability, makes it capable of undertaking design and build projects. The company has a strong and self-sufficient engineering department encompassing civil, architectural, electrical, mechanical, and system engineering. As well as I.T. CAD personnel and materials procurement personnel who assist the engineers in the design and execution of the projects. Fromewill Ltd possesses state of the art hardware and software for its operation