Key Personnel

Hamdi Al Touqmatchi





•    Obtained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Denver, Colarado, USA in 1952, and PhD in Machinery in 1968.

•    Worked in Iraq and Jordan as an Engineer, Chief Engineer and Manager for a number of technical, industrial and investment projects.

•    Registered with the Iraqi Engineers Union since its establishment in 1958

•    Has a consulting office registered from the Iraqi engineers union.

•    Acts as one of the CEO’s of Fromewill, a company registered in London which has projects in Baghdad and Amman.

Worked as a consultant in Iraq and Jordan by studying a number of modern civil, mechanical and electrical engineering projects, as well as providing economic advice for different old industrial projects and providing engineering suggestions to develop them


Hider Al Touqmatchi

Managing Director

With 30 years experience in high profile engineering projects worldwide. Hider has managed large networks of multi-disciplinary subsidiaries over a 10 year period in the Middle East.

Since 2003 has been involved in establishing one of the largest construction companies in Iraq from the ground up, successfully completing projects worth hundred of millions of dollars throughout Iraq.

Hider continues to demonstrate a strong ability to work within a unique, high pressure and hostile environment dealing with a multitude of stakeholders

Hider has operational experience over a workforce of 3000 employees spread over 20 countries, spanning 3 continents.

His abilities extended from managing a highly skilled workforce in advanced development and production, to unskilled labourers in the harshest and most rudimentary environments.

Holding an MSc degree from the University of London, Hider Al Touqmatchi is a Chartered Engineer with 3 decades of experience.


Salam Al Touqmatchi

General Manager

Over 10 years experience in the Middle East region with an extensive knowledge of logistical and operational aspects across varying business sectors.

In his previous position held as Senior Manager at United Iraqi Constructions, a leading contractor in Iraq. Salam was responsible for running the project management office for a number of landmark construction projects across Iraq. Salam was directly involved in the tendering and proposal process, winning and successfully completing over 50 projects worth over $200 million throughout Iraq.

Salam organised and managed extremely challenging delivery logistics of constructions supplies to project sites in Iraq, including machinery and, raw materials. Salam achieved 100% success rate for all goods deliveries in difficult and testing times in Iraq.

Salam has also gained considerable general management experience across different business areas throughout his career.
Salam also previously held the position of Operations Manager for a large mobile phone distribution company in the Middle East.
Salam is a Computer Science graduate from Queen Mary’s, University of London.